MHE- Barton Creek

MHE- Barton Creek

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This Barton Creek or Barton Forest (as a Modular) Is a top selling home!

Some of the options displayed in our model are:

Barton Anniversary Package $595

Includes: 42' Cabinets in the kitchen ($400), Crescent Edge Countertops ($260), 4 Cans in Kitchen ($160), Epcot Light over Island ($130), Coat Rack Bench ($200)

Upgraded Carpet- STANDARD is 16oz!   25oz Upgrade is only $325 for the whole house!

Hardwood Window Sills-Whole House $65!!

Drywall Is STANDARD, 2X6 WALLS are STANDARD, Metal Faucets and China Sinks are STANDARD, Fiberglass One Piece Tubs, HARDWOOD CABINETS are STANDARD!!

Exterior Faucet- 1 is STANDARD - Extra added to the backside $50

Slider Door $600

Black or White Appliances are STANDARD- DISHWASHER is STANDARD! (Most Manufactures charge $460)

Lever Door handles instead of door knobs $25

Microwave above the stove $299

80x60 Picture window $145